its literally painful watching other people use the internet like oh god why are you using internet explorer no you dont have to double click everything why are you typing into the google search bar oh my fucking christ step away from the computer

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If Tumblr was a school

Math class: If A new photo set of Tom Hiddleston is released and gets rebloged 10 times a minuet how long will it take to reach 20,000 notes?
English class : How to properly kill off a main character.
Art class: Today we will learn how to make high quality gifs.
History class: You Biography of your favorite celebrity is due tomorrow, please attach multiple pictures.
Science class: Today's test is open answer over what causes your feels.
Debate class : Who is sexier Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans.
Computer class: Today's lesson is how to properly type asdfghjl and ways to use it.
Sex ED : smut, smut , Tom Hiddleston, smut,
Band class : okay everyone this is how you download free music
Clubs : Fandoms