there really needs to be a way to organize your likes. i have almost 31,000, i need some folders or something. how much do we need to pay the xkit guy

YES, come on Tumblr


most notable catch phrases of 2013

  • bitch I might be
  • swiggity swag
  • the D
  • " hello______, im dad " 
  • W R I T I N G  I N T E N S E  W O R D S  L I K E  T H I S 
  • life hack :
  • [ __________ INTENSIFIES]
  • so many
  • such doge. much wow. very smile. 
  • mahogany 
  • *sweats nervously*
  • same. 

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I really wish I could organize my likes into folders. Would make my life easier.